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Problems and Solutions Guide | Heat-A-Lot & Comfort Furnace

Problem 1: The motherboard is flashing or constantly showing 888888.

Solution: Relocate the Comfort Furnace or Heat-A-Lot to a grounded plug then reset the motherboard. If this doesn't work, the motherboard of the infrared heater may need to be replaced.

Problem 2: The LED lights are not working or the buttons are not responding.

Solution: The motherboard has failed and needs to be replaced.

Problem 3: The heating elements are not getting as hot as they should.

Solution: Check the connections to make sure they are tight. Also check the infrared heater with a meat thermometer. If the reading is under 170 degrees, an element has burnt out. This will require element replacement.

Problem 4: The heating elements are not coming on at all.

Solution: The problem may be one of two things: the motherboard or the transformer. Both need to be repaired by an authorized repair person.

Problem 5: The fan on the Heat-A-Lot or Comfort is not working.

Solution: Check the fan limit switch. If this isn't malfunctioning, the entire fan should be replaced.

Problem 6: The fan is making a whining or clicking noise.

Solution: The bearings have failed and the fan needs to be replaced.

Problem 7: The thermostat reading reading on the infrared heater is not the same as the wall thermostat.

Solution: The unit needs to be calibrated.

Problem 8: You encounter a burnt smell, see smoke or sparks, or discover a melted cord.

Solution: Please send your ir heater in to be repaired by an authorized repair person.

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