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The positive benefits you'll receive from choosing these proven, quartz infrared heaters are many - and may even surprise you.

  • You'll love how our heating solutions are safe for you, and also for your children and pets.
  • You'll love how healthy they are for you, by not only purifying or sanitizing the air you breathe, but also the immune system benefits you'll receive.
  • You'll love to discover the new way you experience your body and skin when using a quartz infrared heater, with results you can feel.
  • You'll love the benefits you'll see in mental sharpness and relief from wintertime depression, thanks to the ions these units release (read below for details).
  • You'll love knowing that your IR heater is eco-friendly.
  • You'll love how easy it is to save money while you stay toasty warm.
  • And there are many more benefits which you'll discover below and on pages throughout our website!

The most popular benefit of choosing a proven, quartz infrared heating solution we've saved for last:

  • You will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year by cutting your monthly heating bills by 30% to 50%. Keep reading and we'll tell you how.

Visit the Infrared Heaters Blog on this website to find out more, including how you could save $28,600.00 over the estimated lifetime of a Comfort Furnace or Heat-A-Lot infrared heater - using only a single unit!

Offering You Only The Best Infrared Heaters On The Market

We've hand-selected for you the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly and healthy infrared heater selection available today. We could offer you the EdenPure, iHeater, Sun Heat, Pure Comfort, Red Core, Amish Heaters and more - but we stand by our products and guarantee the results. Only two portable IR heating solutions met and exceeded our standards: Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater and the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace.

We are so confident in the superior quality and performance of these products that:

How To Buy Your Portable IR Heating Solution Risk-Free

We will make it practically risk-free for you to experience the same results that hundreds of thousands of customers have enjoyed.

  • You'll benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee when you select a new portable quartz infrared heater.
  • You'll enjoy free shipping when choosing any of the portable IR heaters on our website, provided you are in the continental United States.
  • You'll get the peace of mind that comes from a 3-year manufacturer's warranty for all new units.
  • You'll also have the option to add a Lifetime Bulb Protecton Plan (we really believe in these products!) which includes lifetime bulb replacement and extends your manufacturer's warranty to 5 full years!
  • We'll also include a guide that will show you how you can easily make the most of your new heating solution.

You can safely rest assured when choosing Mirage Distributors. We are a proven company with a 16-year, staffed with professionals in the field of portable IR heaters, and count tens of thousands of people like you as satisfied customers.

Healthy Heating Systems For You & Your Family

Why are the and the healthiest options for you and the ones you love?

Unlike conventional methods of warming your home, these quartz infrared heaters do not burn fuels or oils that pollute the air you and your family breathe with toxic fumes. If fact, these systems sanitize or purify your air, cleansing your environment of viruses, mold, bacteria and other airborne pathogens.

In addition, these units release negative ions, which scientists have identified as a benefit to your health. Study results from Columbia University have proven that negative ions:

  • Boost your immune system,
  • Increase oxygen to your brain,
  • Heighten your alertness,
  • Decrease your drowsiness,
  • Supply you with more mental energy,
  • Protect you against germs in the air,
  • And relieve winter depression symptom.

According to WebMD, "For a whopping one in three of us who are sensitive to their effects, negative ions can make us feel like we are walking on air." Now that sounds fun!

Safe IR Heaters For Home, Office, Garage & More

Conventional space heaters are famous for starting fire. But unlike those old-fashioned devices, the Comfort Furnace and Heat-A-Lot are safe.

The quartz heating elements in these systems are safely contained inside a fireproof heat exchange. This means you no longer need worry about your heating source igniting into flame. In fact, the outside cabinet of these IR heaters stay cool to the touch, making them safe around your children and your pets.

Cut Your Heating Bill By Up To Half With A Quartz Infrared Heater!

Comfort Furnace and Heat-A-Lot warm up to 1000 square feet, allowing you to reduce the use of your expensive central heating system. With the cost of oil and other heating fluids on the rise, this will save you hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars per year. Use of our quartz IR heaters have proven to cut heating related energy costs by 30% - 50%.

  • These portable IR heaters use the same amount of electricity as a coffee machine!

In addition, a highly-accurate thermostat and the delayed start function allow you to minimize your energy cost even further when you are not at home.

For all the feature and benefits these amazing portable quartz IR products offer, please explore the Features and Benefits Guide in the Comfort Furnace and Heat-A-Lot sections.

Thank you for choosing portable, quartz IR heaters from Mirage Distributors!

Infrared Heaters Reviews

Mirage Distributors Customer Reviews:

"I've made two infrared heaters purchases from your website, first a Comfort Furnace for my home, then a Heat-A-Lot for my office. I have to say that I was skeptical about all the benefits you advertise, but it's all true. I've told my friends about your products and anyone else that will listen. I often have the opportunity, because your products draw a lot of attention. Anyway, I just wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude and compliments. 5 out of 5 stars!"

Madison, Wisconsin

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