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Infrared Heaters Service & Repair Guide | Comfort Furnace & Heat-A-Lot

The Comfort Furnace and the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heaters are designed to be the most easily serviceable portable quartz heating units in the world. From regular maintenance to replacing worn parts, it can all be done in just a few easy steps. These steps are what this Service & Repair Guide are all about.

If you are looking for replacement parts for the Comfort Furnace, please follow this link: Comfort Furnace Replacement Parts.

Below is an index of links to different sections of the manual.

First Check These Suggestions For Best Performance

  • Maintain a Minimum of 30% Relative Humidity: Using a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity will increase the performance of the Comfort Furnace and Heat-Heat Infrared Furnace. It is ideal to have 35% to 40% relative humidity in the area.
  • Placement: Placing the heter with the back facing an inner wall and the front facing an outer wall will help the machine maintain and read the temperature in the area more accurately.
  • Cleaning Filter: Checking and cleaning the filter once a month will help the maximum amount of airflow through the machine which in turn will spread out across the area evenly.
  • Concrete Floors and Walls: Concrete naturally absorbs any heat that is in the room. Place the heater a few feet above a bare concrette floor to resolve this problem.
  • Heater Warm Up Phase: The infrared heater you have purchased may have been in the cold for several days. Please allow the heater to warm up in your home before turning the unit on.