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Heat-A-Lot Reviews | Mirage Infrared Heaters

These Heat-A-Lot Reviews come directly from our customers who shared their experience with their Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heaters in the comments section of this website...

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Heat-A-Lot Reviews at Mirage Infrared Heaters

“Great buy! Keeps me warm at night and my bathroom feels very comfortable in the morning. I move it to my living room before I leave in the morning, set the delay and my living room, dining room and kitchen are warm when I get home. Does exactly what I wanted it to and it shipped very quickly.”
- Sarah Shorer

“Four stars or five stars or whatever the maximum amount of starts is. Thanks!”
- Will Terry

“These XLs are a steal for the price! For what you get you can't get any better! I look at a dozen other retailers online and nobody can compete! Super happy with the product and the fast service! :-)”
- Madteller79

“I bought this portable heater to use in my basement which doesn't receive heat from the central furnace. I can keep the entire area above 70 degrees with no problem if I choose. Last winter I bought a different kind of infrared heater from a television commercial but wasn't at all pleased. THIS heater is great though and I'd recommend it to friends and family.”
- J. Talson

“I've only had my Heat a Lot for one night, but I'm left absolutely impressed. I simply have a difficult time understanding how so much heat can leave the front of the heater yet remain so quiet. If I have one negative thing to say (and I am stretching here to find Something wrong) is that the cabinet doesn't necessarily remain 'cool' to the touch as they say, but possibly a couple degrees above room temperature. I just could not be happier than I am with my purchase.”
- Sue St. Croix

“Probably my favorite part abou my heat-a-lot is the way the air in my rooms feels. I know that sounds kinda weird, but the air is warm and almost silky on my skin. I was also impressed the moment I took the heat-a-lot out of the box. Its solid and put together very well and doesn't rattle or seem cheap in any way. I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for an infrared heater!”
- Kelly Rosesheller

“Quick ship, good communication and package trak, product even better than expected. --> Retailer HIGHLY recommended! <--”
- Calvin, Colorado

“My husband purchased this heater at a store sale Mirage was putting on...without me knowing. Then he told me how much it cost and I couldn't believe a space heater could cost soooo much. But it's so much better than a space heater and I couldn't be any more thrilled with how it's working out! The Oak cabinet is a very nice touch and the electronic display is very nice. The only issue I have with it is that it come with a remote control that I'll have to add to the collection. But it gives nice even heat throughout out rooms and I'm just thrilled to see our electric bill. Thank you!”
- Katie Blanchard

“I have acquired many things over the years and this heater ranks in my Top 3 of All Time. Let me just say that I have had brand new cars that I like less. What more can I say besides that?! Think that says it all.”
- GRANDma_40

“I have to say I run a small zoo in my house with pets and children. I feel very safe turning my back when the XL is on. We used to have a dish type space heater that doesn't even compare but scared me more than it was worth, especially with the zoo's occupants around. :) But with the XL, the cats jump on it, the kids sit on it and everybody is happy. We have a 1700 square feet home and I'd love to have 1 more for the other side of the house. This is a great product.”
- Debra Tessle

“purchased this heater from a event here in ohio. had trouble with it in just two weeks. called customer service and they talked me through it though. works just fine and i'm very happy with its service.”
- m.l. embrose

“Two thumbs up....if I had another one I'd say three thumbs up...super sold design and great craftsmanship...couldnt ask for more.”
- deisel_runner

“They shipped the device quickly and told me when it would arrive, which was was appreciated. However, the box was heavy and it proved difficult to get the heater out. Though, once out of the box, it's easy to manuever on the four caster wheels. It is true that the device heat from the floor to the ceiling and indeed keeps my two bedroom apartment comfortably warm. It does not reach into my bathroom though, which is around two corners and at the far end of the apartment's layout. I roll the heater into the bathroom when necessary and it warms my tile flooring as well as the porcelain. If given the need, I would buy this Heat-a-lot heater again.”
- Mrs. S. Lichten

“Not as quiet as I thought it would be - but not as loud the other's I demoed. I bought this heater in a large store and it wasn't the right enviroment to get a feel of how loud the fan would actually be. If you have the radio or a television on, you won't hear it at all though. Bottom line is you can't get a better looking heater with better features for the price. -)YK”
- Yvonne K


“I bought this heater for my garage, I am a painting contractor and the pumps and paint must stay warm in the winter. This heater does an amazing job heating my garage to 70 plus if I want it to, I am very happy with this unit and would recommend it to anyone, I have tried all kinds of heaters out there from electric to fuel and nothing has held a candle to my Comfort air XL best buy i have ever made by far!!!”
- James M

“I bought my Comfort XL in October. It has turned really cold with all this snow we are having here in Dec. and my heater is a life saver. If I could afford it, I would get 2 more. One for my computer room and living room. I won't take mine out of my bedroom for anything. It keeps me warm and toasty all nite long and I only have it on 68 degrees but it feels much warmer. I love it and recommend it highly. Best thing I ever did for me!!!”
- Waunita C

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