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Motherboard Replacement | 2010 Comfort Furnace & Heat-A-Lot

STEP 1: Start the process of replacing the motherboard by laying the 2010 Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater or Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace face down on your work space. Then, unscrew the four bolts at the corners on the bottomside of the unit. Motherboard Replacement for the 2010 Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater and Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace models, Step 1.
STEP 2: Set the infrared heater back upright and remove the temperature sensor cover from the metal bracket. Motherboard Replacement, Step 2.
STEP 3: Now remove all the screws from the black back panel and pull off the cover. Make sure that the red and black temperature sensor wire goes clearly through the hole. Motherboard Replacement, Step 3.
STEP 4: The metal case will easily slide from the wood exterior of the infrared heater. Motherboard Replacement, Step 4.
STEP 5: Following the removal of the wood cabinetry, unscrew the two screws on the bottom of both sides of the unit. Motherboard Replacement, Step 5.
STEP 6: You can now release the the side panels with even down pointing pressure, then slide the metal panels down the pegs. The side panels will need to hang somewhat over the side of your work table to slide down all the way. Motherboard Replacement, Step 6.
STEP 7: Find the motherboard at the bottom front of the infrared heater. Motherboard Replacement, Step 7.
STEP 8: Unlplug the wires on the left side of the motherboard carefully. Motherboard Replacement, Step 9.
STEP 9: Pull the mother board wires loose from the prongs. Make certain to mark the wires with clear tape or place them in a way in which you will remember their order. Motherboard Replacement, Step 9.
STEP 10: Remove the screws from the corners of the motherboard. Motherboard Replacement, Step 10.
STEP 11: Now pull the motherboard out. Unscrew the screws on the top and the bottom of the board. Be careful to hold the face plate tight to the mother board until you're ready to remove it, so that the plastic buttons will not fall out. Motherboard Replacement, Step 11.
STEP 12: Hold the motherboard parallel to the floor and gently remove the board from the face plate. Remember to keep the faceplate situated in a parallel fashion. Motherboard Replacement, Step 12.
STEP 13: Now straighten and slide the new temperature sensor back through, underneath the fan and towards the insert hole on the back side of the heater. Motherboard Replacement, Step 13.
STEP 14: Be sure that the excess temperature wire is zip tied to keep it from catching in the fan. Motherboard Replacement, Step 14.
STEP 15: Then feed the wires through the hole in the back. You may need to use a pen or similar item to help in guiding it through successfully. Motherboard Replacement, Step 15.
STEP 16: Slide the side metal panels back onto the frame, making certain that all tabs are in their slots. Motherboard Replacement, Step 16.
STEP 17: Slide the side panels up until the bottom screwholes line up. You may need to tap the bottom of the sides to make a tight fit. After screwing the screws, slide the temperature sensor wire as shown in the picture. Motherboard Replacement, Step 17.
STEP 18: Reattach the back plastic panel and rescrew the screws to the bottom of the heater. Lastly, place the black tip of the temperature sensor wire into the prongs of the black cover and replace the cover. Motherboard Replacement, Step 18.

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