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During our iHeater review, we found this heater to be an entry-level infrared heater. It lacks the technology, health benefits and features of more advanced units (see the below chart).

At the time of our review, no replacement parts were available in case a component fails. Even if you could make periodic repairs to this unit yourself, you have to remove about 70 screws to access all the workings. Factory repairs can take anywhere from about 3-4 weeks and the customer is responsible for the shipping costs with the iHeater.

Our iHeater review did raise additional concerns. As we opened up the unit, the first thing we noticed was what we consider a flawed wiring design. The problem is that wire nut connections are exposed to the open heating chamber. This poor design - which we've seen in numerous other models - could easily lead to electrical problems.

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This iHeater uses a PTC heating element (also known as "a dead short") which doesn't create the therapeutic heat that a Comfort Furnace or Heat-A-Lot does. In fact, this type of "dead short" element is usually used for drying purposes. So as it heats, it dries out the air by removing moisture from your rooms. An environment that is too dry leads to cracked skin, respiratory issues, and other health problems common in the winter.

As you'll see in the comparison summary below, and given what this iHeater review has shown, it simply can't stack up to a superior unit such as Comfort Furnace Infrared Heaters (or the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace).


Compare iHeater Vs. Comfort Furnace

  Comfort Furnace iHeater
Microproccessor controlled thermostat with digital temperature display, accurate to a single degree.
Electric thermostat.
Heat Output BTU Rating
Stainless Steel Diffusion Coils
Yes. Enhances the heating efficiency and increases the life-expectancy of the system (see below).
Heating Elements
Commercial-grade, quartz infrared elements paired with stainles steel diffusion coils.
PTC element - called a "Dead Short" element - commonly used for drying purposes and for space heaters. One infrared quartz element.
Copper Use
Copper-lined heating chamber which enhances the production of healthy ions released into the air.
No copper used.
Advanced Auto-Sync Remote Control with Digital Display
Yes! Advanced Auto Sync remote control with digital read out.
Digital Temperature Display
Delayed Start Function
Yes. Saves money when you are not at home, but allows you to begin heating before you return.
Lifetime, washable filter with electrostatic qualities that capture 97% of allergens.
Plastic frame, washable filter.
Fan System
Low RPM laminar low, ball-bearing fan in UV models; ultra-quiet scroll cage fan in the the XL models.
Scroll cage fan.
Temperature Sync
Yes. Synchronizes the infrared heater to match your home's thermostat, so they work in harmony.
Ultraviolet Air Purification
Yes. Comfort Furnace UV models purify your air of viruses, bacteria, mold and other airborne pathogens.
3-year manufacturer's warranty. 5-year Protection Plan available with bumper-to-bumper coverage, plus Lifetime Bulb Replacement.
1-Year warranty with no replacement parts, meaning it is a disposable heater.
Unit's Life Expectancy
15-20 years.
Published Rating Not Found.
Style & Craftsmanship (You Decide)
Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater iHeater
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Comfort Furnace
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In life, you usually get what you pay for. And with infrared heaters, nothing could be more true.



The quality of an infrared heater’s technology, craftsmanship and materials has a direct influence on how much you will save in heating costs...

And for how long you will save money.

Option 1:
You could buy a cheap unit, which will last for a couple seasons...maybe. The warranty on those models is usually only valid for one year, which tells you something.

The Better Option:
Choose a quality infrared heater that offers up to 5 years of bumper-to-bumper coverage, lifetime bulb replacement...And is designed & built to last for 20 years!


The Better Option is
Comfort Furnace
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