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Comfort Furnace Reviews | Mirage Infrared Heaters

These Comfort Furnace Reviews come directly from our customers who shared their experience with their Comfort Furnace Infrared Heaters. (You can read more customer reviews for each model we offer by visiting our Comfort Furnace page and selecting a model.)

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Comfort Furnace Reviews at Mirage Infrared Heaters

“We were warmer and more comfortable using Comfort Furnaces and saved between $250 - $300 per month. We are very pleased.”
- Richard & Shirley M., Kansas

“We really do love our Furnace, it’s everything you said it was and more. My main furnace seldom kicks on, it has cut our electric bill in half. So keep the good work up. I would recommend your product to anyone.”
- Wayne & Kathy R., Kentucky

“We have tried 1500 watt electric space heaters that just could not provide enough heat. Then we tried your infrared heater and it does exactly as you advertise. We are now anticipating purchasing another for our home.”
- Tom G., Ohio

“Although these heaters were purchased after the beginning of the heating season, we saved significant money on propane which is what we use for heating our home. The savings is $700 above the cost of both heaters and the extra cost of electricity.”
- Marcia K., Michigan

Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater

“We had no heat! Your infrared furnaces gave us peace of mind as we work all day. Even in the cold snap in December and now January 28, 2010 ice storm. Best of all, our electric bill is lower than ever. Thank you all...”
- Barry & Lorrian V., Tennessee

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The quality of an infrared heater’s technology, craftsmanship and materials has a direct influence on how much you will save in heating costs...

And for how long you will save money.

Option 1:
You could buy a cheap unit, which will last for a couple seasons...maybe. The warranty on those models is usually only valid for one year, which tells you something.

The Better Option:
Choose a quality infrared heater that offers up to 5 years of bumper-to-bumper coverage, lifetime bulb replacement...And is designed & built to last for 20 years!


The Better Option is
Comfort Furnace
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