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Amish Heat Surge Review | Mirage Infrared Heaters

The Heat Surge Amish Fireplace doesn't actually qualify as an "infrared heater" and instead belongs in the category of "space heater." Many reviewers find the look of the Amish Heat Surge pleasing, but it's not powerful enough to heat 1000 square feet.

Heat Surge Amish Heater Reviews

The technology used in the Amish Fireplace leaves much to be desired when compared to the leaders in portable heating technology (see below). For instance, the heating element used in these products is known as a "Fireless Flame" which is similar to those used in most standard, old-fashioned space heaters.

See a comparison of the Heat Surge Amish Heater to the top 10 best-selling models worldwide on our main Infrared Heater Reviews page.

The Amish Fireplace also has no air purification capacity, a thermostat not accurate to a single degree, a basic remote control system and more. You can see a quick side-by-side comparison yourself of the Heat Surge vs. the Comfort Furnace below.

In the end, this Heat Surge review of the Amish Fireplace Heater has shown that the unit simply can't stack up to the leaders in the portable heating industry, such as Comfort Furnace Infrared Heaters or the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace.


Compare Amish Heat Surge Vs. Comfort Furnace

  Comfort Furnace Amish Heat Surge
Microproccessor controlled thermostat with digital temperature display, accurate to a single degree.
2 settings: 750/1500 Watt. No temperature setting.
Heat Output BTU Rating
2303 / 4606
Stainless Steel Diffusion Coils
Yes. Enhances the heating efficiency and increases the life-expectancy of the system (see below).
Heating Elements
Commercial-grade, quartz infrared elements paired with stainles steel diffusion coils.
"Fireless Flame" element which is standard in old-fashioned space heaters. Not infrared.
Heating Chamber
Copper-lined heating chamber which enhances the production of healthy ions released into the air.
No copper used.
Advanced Auto-Sync Remote Control with Digital Display
Yes! Advanced Auto Sync remote control with digital read out.
Digital Temperature Display
Delayed Start Function
Yes. Saves money when you are not at home, but allows you to begin heating before you return.
Lifetime, washable filter with electrostatic qualities that capture 97% of allergens.
Fan System
Low RPM laminar low, ball-bearing fan in UV models; ultra-quiet scroll cage fan in the the XL models.
Scroll fan.
Temperature Sync
Yes. Synchronizes the infrared heater to match your home's thermostat, so they work in harmony.
Ultraviolet Air Purification
Yes. Comfort Furnace UV models purify your air of viruses, bacteria, mold and other airborne pathogens.
3-year manufacturer's warranty. 5-year Protection Plan available with bumper-to-bumper coverage, plus Lifetime Bulb Replacement.
1-year factory warranty. 2-year warranty available for purchase.
Unit's Life Expectancy
15-20 years.
Published Rating Not Found.
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