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Energy And Cost Savings | Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater

The formula for saving money on your heating bills during the winter is uncomplicated. You have to convert electricity into heat energy in the most efficient possible way. The good news is that the far infrared heat generated by the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater is considered the most effective method of achieving it.

In comparison to typical radiant heating systems, infrared heat requires up to 50% less electrical power to generate the identical quantity of heat.  In addition, traditional heating systems warm the air in your spaces first. Because of this, the objects inside your rooms warm slowly and secondarily. However with far infrared heat, around 75% of the heat energy is absorbed by the objects within the rooms and space its warming. The effects of this: more efficient heat develops, less electrical energy is used, and for that reason lower heating costs are encurred.

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Its for these reasons that our Heat-A-Lot customers trim up to 50% off the expense of heating their residences during the winter. It is likewise the reason why our infrared heaters pay for themselves after an average of just 2-3 months of usage.

The delayed start function also will save you cash by letting you program precisely when the Heat-A-Lot ought to switch on. Set the delay to just prior to your arrival home from work or play, and you will have a warmed home when you arrive - without the need to pay for the heater to operate all day long.

Long-lasting cost savings equally depend upon the durability of the portable heater itself. The Heat-A-Lot boasts a forecasted life expectancy of 15-20 yrs. Unlike ordinary devices that need to be swapped out every 2-3 years, your initial investment will go a considerable ways.

Furthermore, features including the lifetime washable electrostatic filter save you cash by letting you to reuse components. In that way, you won't need to be concerned about constantly spending your money to replace filters each time they become too soiled.

And so all things considered, the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater equates to substantial cost savings for you and your family -  for the short term and also the long term.

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